November 29, 2010

Holiday Boutique

Hello ladies!  I hope everyone had a wonderful, drama free Thanksgiving Day.
Our Holiday Boutique, this past weekend, was a blast!
I'd like to share some pics with you starting with the petite Christmas tree I designed especially for this event.
(I will work on making more for the Irvine FM this Sunday)
  Allow me to take you on a little tour of our gracious hostess' house and the setup we created for our wonderful guests. 
Walking through the front door you were greeted by a lovely jewelry table(I jumped the gun and took a picture before ALL the jewelry was priced and displayed) there was so much more including beautiful holiday clutches.
The ladies would linger around the table picking out their favorite pieces and leaving them at the hold table while they continued shopping in the next two rooms.
Up a half flight of stairs was the living room, the fireplace was going while Josh Groban and IL Divo Christmas music filled the air. Christmas themed jars lined the mantel.
Angela from the The Shabby French Home set up her religious relics in the center table.
Hey! who's big idea was it...
to leave and ugly plastic tag bag lying around while I was taking pictures? My fault for not noticing it, I guess. 
(Wish I knew how to edit it out)
These were some of our Santa items
A little silver and glass to use over the holidays
Walking back down into the kitchen area you came upon a table filled with more eye catching goodies for your home
This glass punch bowl with a silver plated base and ladle handle was valued at $125, one lucky customer walked away with it for only $75, can you believe it?  I had to keep reminding myself that I was there to sell, not to shop, or that baby would have come home with me.
And for those of you who love the Country French look Angela had some gorgeous items including her own creations of pillows, tablecloths, garment bags and handbags.
Such beautiful bright colors, these pics do them no justice.
Here are a few more house ware items
I hope you enjoyed the tour!  A very special thank you to those who came to the show and made our day so very special.  For those of you who couldn't attend, we will be at the Irvine Valley College Flea Market this Sunday with more new goodies for your shopping pleasure.

I hope to see you there!

November 23, 2010

A Lovely Addition!

We had the best time ever at our last Flea Market.
Perfect weather, tons of customers, lots of sales,
but best of all Great Company!

This is the beautiful Melinda of Alabaster Rose Designs
who was a "guest seller" at the Cosas Bellas booth.
Melinda lived in Northern California and recently
moved to The OC with her wonderful husband and
2 small boys(who are yummy treats).
And these are her beautiful vintage jewelry pieces
and soldered pendants 
She is so talented.  Her creations were a big hit
with the ladies and she did Great!
Melinda is a sweetheart with a great  attitude and a
great sense of humor,  we are thrilled that she'll be
joining us in future shows

Here are some pictures of my booth!

I will be joining two talented ladies this weekend for a Holiday Boutique which 
will be held at Aide's house,
will be displaying her beautiful merchandise.
I hope you have a chance to join us, it's going to be so much fun with lot's of eye candy!

November 01, 2010

Feathers and Flight

I have been wanting to share this Autumn poem with 
all of you since the moment I came across it a few 
months ago, but living in Southern California I couldn't
fully embrace it when we were still sweltering in 90 something degrees weather.  Apparently somebody 
forgot to inform "Mother Nature" that we had moved 
on  to a different season, you know, the cold, windy,
rainy one. lol
Well it's November 1st and that's going to have to be a 
good enough reason to share this wonderful  poem that 
has been burning a hole in my Edit Posts list. 
Well we're still waiting for the days to grow cold 
here in the OC...but I'm not complaining.  Now let me 
introduce the talented artist behind the graphics.

 Her name is Jill at Feathers and Flight and this was the 
banner that captured me the moment I first laid eyes on it.
(I'm sorry, the picture is blurry and doesn't do it justice)

Here is a different version of it
She created the Halloween banner below
for the month of October.
Besides being an absolute jewel, Jill is a talented 
graphic artist, who loves to create mixed media art, 
collage, paint and make vintage jewelry pieces.
This is Jill's current blog banner.

Please take a minute to visit Jill's blog
and get to know the beautiful spirit
behind the art.

October 31, 2010

Fall Princess

Here's my petite ladybug at age 2

My Snow White at age 4

A masquerade princess age 7

My little Bebopper at 8

Pirate chick at age 9

This year she's a Fall Princess
( I love this burnt orange velveteen dress )

 Oh, if she could only turn this pumpkin 
into a magical carriage that would take her 
Trick-or-Treating tonight

Or better yet...

Daddy said, "not on my watch"!

And who is this yummy little snack you ask
I have NO idea!
This tiny Musketeer came a knocking on our
door a few Halloweens ago and I just had to
snap a picture of him.  Can you believe his
mother wouldn't let me keep him to be Jesenia's little brother!?!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend 

October 29, 2010

La Llorona

The Mexican folktale of La Llorona or
The Wailing Woman was a part of my
childhood that I could have done without.
But since IT IS  Halloween weekend, I thought I
would share the tale with you so you can have an
insight to my messed up childhood.
 The tale of La Llorona has been passed down through
generations for the past 500 years.  I don't think there
is a single soul in Mexico who hasn't heard it, not to
mention the millions of Latin-Americans who reside in
the U.S. who have also learned it from their parents.

La Llorona

Don't go down to the river, child,
Don't go there alone;
For the sobbing woman, wet and wild
Might claim you for her own.

She weeps when the sun is murky red;
She wails when the moon is old;
She cries for her babies, still and dead,
Who drowned in the water cold.

Abandoned by a faithless love,
Filled with fear and hate.
She flung them from a cliff above
And left them to their fate.

 Day and night, she heard their screams,
Borne on the current’s crest;
Their tortured faces filled her dreams,
And gave her heart no rest.

Crazed by guilt and dazed by pain,
Weary from loss of sleep,
She leaped in the river, lashed by rain,
And drowned in the waters deep.

She seeks her children day and night,
Wandering, lost, and cold;
She weeps and moans in dark and light,
A tortured, restless soul.

Don’t go down to the river, child,
Don’t go there alone;
For the sobbing woman, wet and wild,
Might claim you for her own.

 In most versions of folk legend La Llorona, as a result
of betrayal, killed her children in revenge.  Her spirit is
forced to wander near the banks of rivers wailing "mis 
hijos, donde estan mis hijos?" ("my children, where are 
my children?") in search of her lost progeny.
"Be good or La Llorona will get you" is a warning heard 
by most Hispanic children who grow up in fear of the woman who has violently transgressed the role of mother.

Her story has even been turned into a movie.
Yes, I know, it's a horrible tale.
I'm sorry that children, including myself,
have, are, and will be subjected to that story.
What are parents thinking, or are they?
I never nor would I ever pass it on
to my girls" the Llorona ends with me"

So now, let me show you the inspiration to my post.
 (look at image for a minute)

This is the pic that my beautiful and talented cousin,
Ana,  from A Petite Cottage posted on her blog and it
gave me flashbacks of my childhood and La Llorona.

The image is appearing in her lovely home, by the way.
I don't know if I can go visit her anymore after this. lol

For those of you who have not visited Ana's lovely blog,
please take a minute to do so.  You won't be disappointed!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

October 22, 2010

Don't Judge Me

Anybody who knows me...knooows...that
I DON'T DO Halloween!
That being said...(here comes the confession)
I gave in...I gave in...I gave in okay...there I said it
but don't judge me!
I just found it too hard to resist all the 2010 halloween
decorations that were calling out to me at all my favorite
stores.  So I caved and bought a little here and a little there.
I secretly took them out of the trunk and snuck them in my
house while nobody was home.  I had so much fun putting
all my goodies together that I thought I'd share some pics  with my blogging friends who..."won't judge me" right?

I bought the wreath above at the thriftique for $12.
The EEK sign and the burlap ribbon came from Michaels, also half price, and I only used 2 yards.  All the other 
goodies came from the Dollar Tree.
The skull, believe it or not, was a Ralphs buy, you can just
imagine what that looked like sitting in my grocery cart.
The glittered crow I found at Tuesday Mornings.  
All the other things were hanging around my house.
BTW: white pumpkins make me smile!
This silver tray with glass dome was the first thing that sold at the Flea, I didn't even charge extra for the creepy crawling critters inside. lol
This tombstone got me with it's glitter in colors of green
and black and bronze.  How cute is that crow with it's
fancy top hat?  Wait, did I just use crow and cute in the
same sentence?

Happy Halloween

 I'll be selling at the Jamestown Flea Market
in downtown Tustin if you'd like to come visit.
It's going to be a beautiful weekend!