December 22, 2011

Like a dream...

 In a quaint little corner of Valley Center, Ca,

nestled on the grounds of the Betty Crocker Estate,

stands an old rustic barn filled with so much

eye candy it made me tear up with joy!

Allow me to take you on a magical tour of

Matilda's Mouse Antiques

As I walked up to the barn doors I was

greeted by it's beautiful surroundings...

The minute I walked in, I was transported

to a place that I had only seen in my most

wonderful shopping dreams...

there were Christmas trees galore...

even Christmas trees that weren't

There were hutches and shelves filled

with so many wonderful goodies...

beautiful large vignettes...

and small vignettes...

large pieces...

and not so large pieces...

(you might think this is a teacup with a tiny bird, it's actually a chamber pot with a large bird. lol)

and my favoritistist of all...

cloches, so beautifully displayed!

and who checks you out at the register?

Matilda herself!

(check out Matilda's Mouse for event dates, since they are only open 3 days a month)
(BTW: did you notice the aqua theme going on? Squeal!!!!)

Thank you all for joining me!

I hope you enjoyed the tour, and I pray

that all are staying focused on what

the season is all about.

Merry CHRISTmas!

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December 06, 2011

My First Visit To The Vintage Market Place

 You know the old saying about walking
and chewing gum at the same time?
Last Friday I realized I can't attend an amazing boutique with tons of eye candy and expect to focus on taking pictures, even as my camera is weighing heavy around my neck.  I would come out of my shopping trance just long enough to snap some pictures, before my eyes would glaze over again.
So here are just a few shots I managed to snap while at the incredible Vintage Market Place in Fallbrook, CA. 
I was welcomed with a warm Sicilian hug by one 
of the show's hostess, the lovely and talented 
Ms Rita Reade of
Since I was so anxious to get in and start shopping,
I waited to take these shots on the way out.
 These are Rita's amazing soldered pieces!
The Santa Ana Winds had been uprooting trees on
Thursday and yet Friday morning was calm, sunny,
and the most amazing weather ever!
Thank You Jesus!!!

Rita's birdhouses. 
What incredible woodworking skills she has!

These are some of Rita's creations, I believe they are from the many wonderful classes she holds in her studio.
Can you imagine the amount of time devoted to setting up these booths to look this great?

My absolute favorite: Sweet Magnolias Farm
Look at those windows...and the sign....sigh!
And when you walk in their doors...bigger sigh!
Sara and Abbey can even make and old lunchpail
and thermos look like they belong on a tree. lol
It looks like they've been busy creating snowmen.
I know there are some snowmen lovers viewing this
and squealing with delight.  Am I right ladies?

One more pic of their works of art!
Pleas visit their blog, their pictures are to die for.
I finally got to meet precious Missy from Chateau Chic Boutique.
Look at these stunning panels she created.
(so glad I got to meet you Missy!!!)

Missy had this large "Cashier" frame displayed 
in front of her table, it was created by Sheila of
Tattered Goods who was unable to make the show.
(Hope you're feeling better Sheila, sorry I missed you!)
top and bottom shots are of altered art made
by Sue Smith of The Fox and Hare

My friend Rose of  The Tarnished Crown!
Here are some pictures of her incredible space.

The next few shots are from the
That snakeskin cuff almost came home with me.
"focus Irma, remember the spirit of giving".
"quiet, it would go perfect with my outfit"
I hate being schizophrenic, but at least 
I have each other. lol

Is anybody else giggling at the placement of those ornaments
in this picture? No? Just me? Ok, let's move on then.
Anyway, I just wanted a picture of the blue pail with
the incredible patina.
Bling, bling, bling!!!
So pretty in pink.
top and bottom shots of altered art
by Carla of Spirit Trail Studio
These last three shots are just a glimpse
of the wonderful vignettes created by
Denise and Ashley of White Horse Relics

Do you see the incredible birdhouse stand
in the background on the top picture?

Here's a close-up shot
Well, I hope you've enjoyed the tour (even though I failed to get shots of all the booths).  I should have taken one of my little magic "focus" pills (I really do have some, and no they're not illegal, lol) 
I'll try to do better next time.
I'll be posting again soon but in case I miss you, have a very blessed...
Remember the true Reason for the Season
(sign by Tricia of Vintage Bliss)


I'll be joining the following blogs
throughout the week.