March 29, 2011

White Beauties

Have I mentioned that I LUV finials?
I have "a few". These are just "some".
Is anybody else reeeeealy attracted to finials?
I found a little white angel at the "Thriftique"   and thought she needed a little...something.
So I added a little moss, some jute, a silver  metalic pipe cleaner, and a little bling
She makes me smile :o)
I've been in a "decorate everything" mood.
This floor lantern made a great nesting place
for this pretty white bird
It went in my space today along with
these white mama and baby birds
These beautiful vintage windows are also in my space.
I REALLY wanted to keep this leaded beauty
but my hubs said that if I kept EVERYTHING
I wanted, we wouldn't have space for our bed.
I hope you can still see the etching on this mirror,
with all that is reflected in it. 
So much detail on this pitcher and bowl
I'm not an Art Deco-y kind of a girl but this 
Thriftique teapot really caught my eye.
I looked it up and it is by an artist named
Twyla Wardell. I couldn't find the teapot but
all her other pieces are worth some ca$h.
Who would have thought?! I just liked the turtles.
And here is a sneak peek for next week!
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March 21, 2011


tes-ti-mo-ni-al: n. 
1. A statement in support of a particular truth, fact, or claim.
2. A written affirmation of another's character or worth, a
   personal recommendation.
3. Something given in appreciation of a person's service or
   achievement, a tribute.

So here is my personal GLITTERFESTimonial.

I remember going to my the first GLITTERFEST event
a few years back. It was held in a small building in
Old Town Tustin and it was small and quaint yet
divinely glitzy. People left the event in awe, knowing
this was just a small taste of what was yet to come.
Since then, every show outglitters the last.
The girls of Whimzy's, Sheryl and her sister Dianne
who are the creators and hostesses of this magical
event, always surprise you with new and unique decor.
Their list of vendors has also grown quite a bit.  The
show is now held at the Elks Club in Santa Ana, this
new venue allows for more vendors not only inside the 
main building but outside in the patio area as well.
Something that absolutely thrills me is that this year
they have added vendors who brought their beatifull
collection of vintage chic home accessories to display.
 So without further ado, let me give you a small tour of
the event and introduce you to some of it's vendors!

As you walk in the gate you will encounter a
talented lady by the name of Angela Resendiz
Angela is know for her beautiful handcrafted
creations including her colorful French inspired
artwork and handbags. As I was walking in I ran
into my friend Mary who I ALWAYS run into at all 
the local flea markets and special events. 
Mary showed off the lovely bag that she had 
just purchased from Angela.
Let me introduce my beautiful friend Angela
Next to her was Sandra Lee of Under The Sun With Me 
These teapots are her whimsical creations
She mentioned on her blog that she was bringing
this next one to the show, I got to her booth an hour
after the event begin and this baby was gone. No wonder.
Next in line was the multitalented Rita Reade of
 Rita brought her beautiful collection of soldered charms, 
fanciful bottles, and those gorgeous birdhouses she builds.
Look at this wonderful shabby chic chicken coop
(say THAT 5 times fast, my 11yo daughter tried it and it came out as shabby chic chicken poop. lol) 
I would feel like a very privileged little 
hen to be laying my eggs in this baby.
I love this next piece, but you all know that
this aqua blue is my favoritist color.  Swoon!
This is Rita's friend BELLA. She's always dressed so
fancifull at these events, even her boots are lacy. 
And this is the bella Rita!  I took her picture as
she was standing in front of my favorite garden 
door. Rita makes these doors to sell at the shows.
I am convinced that if I walk through it I will be
in a Magical English Garden with flying faries,
beautiful blue birds, talking turtles and...
wascally wabbits. LOL
It was so nice seeing this sweet friend.
To her left was the winner of the coveted 
Glitterfest Sparkle Award given to the best booth.
The fabulous Deborah Watts of BLOSSOMS.
Congratulations Deb!!!
I could stay in her booth forever, she has the most
in~credible finds ever and her one of a kind
pieces are to-die-for!
I wish I could have brought these Italian sconces home with me.
What a beautiful relic
These are her cuff creations. My hubby was thoughtful
enough to gift me one of these last Mother's Day.
The picture in the frame is her beautiful mom.
This is my friend Deb and the gorgeous
dress form lamp she created for the show. 
Next to her was Blanca Castillo of Casa Blanca
She has the most incredible eye for display.
Just look at the gorgeous fresh flowers she
brought to the show. What detail!
BTW do you see those large mercury candlesticks in the back?
Blanca sold them to me at a fraction of what she marked them
for. She is ALWAYS so gracious to me. Thank you Blanca!
Hey, I spy one of the Glitterfest girls
in the background.  Hi Dianne!
Blanca shared her space with my friend Aide who was a
little camera shy, she brought lots of silver goodies
and crystal decanters
This is my friend Blanca, one of the most
precious ladies you will ever meet.
There were lots of other vendors outside but I was a
bit antsy to go inside the main venue and visit with
some of my other favorite sellers, plus, there were so
many people it was getting kind of difficult to take
pictures without having the back of somebody's 
head pop up in front of the shot. Grrrrr!
So let's go inside and I'll take you to some more
of my favorite booths. Hold on to me, here we go!

Here she is, first booth by the entrance.
Martha Kenney of MJOrnaments
OMGosh, look at all this yumminess!
She designs the most beautiful
soldered ornaments and charms
BTW did I mention that my "date" to this event was my
awesome friend Melinda of Alabaster Rose Designs?
Well, this dressform ornament was lucky enough to
go to her incredibly gorgeous home. 
My personal favorite was this chandy ornament (big sigh)
It would have come home with me if it wasn't for the 
fact that I had already spent my allotted Glitterfest $$$
But "don't cry for me bloggerinas, the truth is".....
(I know, corny huh? Sorry.)
I got to purchase THIS ornament at the last GF.
and it's proudly displayed on this awesome
bottle I found at the flea market.
And here is the beautiful Martha with her 
equally beautiful daughter/assistant 
I'm sure that as soon as you get a glimpse of this next
booth you'll immediately know who it belongs to.
These are unmistakably the signature roses of the
one and only Christie Repasy. This lady needs no
introduction.  Her work has graced numerous
home magazines and has been featured on HGTV. 
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that she had
cut off her hair and was now sporting a "new do".
She looks FANTASTIC!!!
You can find out what she's up to at her Chateau de Fleurs blog
A special "thanks" to you Christie, your words of praise and encouragement meant so much to me.

Making my way to the back of the room, I came
across these whimsical crowns. I didn't get the 
artists name so I'll have to get that info for you.
As you get to the very last booth in the very
back corner of the room, you quickly realize
they have saved the best for last.
Sweet Magnolias Farm

Their beautiful handmade, one of a kind pieces
of art will make you giddy with delight!
They always bring something different and wonderful!
Is this not romantically amazing?
This lacy shoe was made by Abbey, the mom in
this mother and daughter duo.  The daughter's
name is Sara Vanderwork who I have had the
privilege to meet.  I have not met Abbey yet, but
if she's anything like her daughter she will be
sweet and kind and precious. 
There are soooo many talented artist that I 
didn't get to feature in this post, Lisa Loria,
Lori Gutierrez, and Stacey Steimle being
just a few of them.  As a matter of fact
I didn't figure out that Susan Rios was
a vendor there this year until I got home.
Serves me right for not looking at the
program I was handed at the door.

Thank you for joining me on this oh so long post.
I hope it was worth your time.

I'd also like to take a minute to thank
Sheryl and Dianne for providing all these
talented vendors with an event that allows
them to show off the wonderful creations that
they've put so much of their time and hearts into.
And for giving us, the Glitterfest Groopies, a
day were we can escape the world around  us
and get lost in this Glittericious heaven full of
 kindred spirits, bling, and yummy eye candy!

Blessings to you,