June 28, 2011

White Wednesday

Well, I'm patiently awaiting my appointment with the specialist. It's scheduled for mid July(the soonest they could get me in) and I'm sure they're going to require more blood work before they can start figuring out what's wrong with me.
I don't want to self diagnose but I have a good idea of what they're going to tell me.  This month it effected the muscles in my eyes making me very nauseous and causing sensory overload like you couldn't imagine.  Fortunately I had a pretty good weekend and I was able to shop my little heart out both Saturday and Sunday.  On Sat I spent the whole day(12 hours) with my GF  going to the swap meet and then hitting every thrift store in town.  Then on Sunday after hitting The Jamestown Flea Market with my husband, we headed to Country Roads to restock my booth.

 Below are some pics from Sunday.
This is Blanca's space, always beautiful!

This is Aide's space, her displays are equally as beautiful.

This is Jeanette and Jackie's space, the two awesome sisters known better in Blogland as Annie Louise.

Ken and I love chatting with these wonderful ladies, they make our hearts smile :o)

This is Debbie and her beautiful daughter, she is a newcomer to Jamestown and will be selling at the Irvine Valley College Flea this coming Sunday.

Debbie has the best displays and is going to do great!

This is Debbie's husband just kickin' it.
OMG, Lady Kate and Lady Debra are setting up for the day, you know they're space will be a hit!

Ken purchased this great candelabra, it's going  to look great in somebody's patio!
Lady Kate posed low so that Deb and I
wouldn't look so vertically challenged. lol
So here is my booth with all the yummy finds.
I painted this trio in white
Handmade birdhouses. I LOVE them!!!

My favorite piece is the sewing machine top but I didn't take any close up pictures, maybe I'll show you those next.
I hope everyone's having a great week.
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Blessings to you all,