July 30, 2010

Blessed Weekend!

I've been quite busy getting ready for this
Sundays Flea Market at The Grove in Irvine
but I wanted to take a minute to
share my very blessed weekend.

Those of you who know me are aware that I
have been through several difficult
trials in
the past few years and that, to this day, we
are still working out some of those issues.
So this past weekend really lifted my spirits
and put a smile on my face that sometimes
struggles to make an appearance.

It started with an email from the LOVELY
T.Bird (Teresa) from
Nestled in Rosenberg
who informed me that I had won her giveaway!

The winner of the $40.00 gift certificate to CSN Stores is......

Commenter # 12-Irma @ Cosas Bellas!

Congratulations Irma!!!

I'm thinking about using it on one of these...
since I am planning on taking a soldering
class sometime in the near future (yay!)
(Thank you Miss T-Bird for the unexpected surprise)=o)

Then I come to find out that I was given
special recognition in this post
My Salvaged Treasures
If you love unique pieces of jewelry I highly
recommend that you visit her beautiful blog and
while you're there scroll to the post where she
talks about the show she attended in Ashland, OR.
For those, like me, who work long shows and
have aching tootsies at the end of the day
you are going to be SO JEALOUS.
(Thank you Betsy, I was very flattered!)

Then on Sunday while I was off
spending my hubbies Saturday night
poker winnings (grin) I arrived at the
Jamestown Village Fleamarket in
Old Town Tustin which is hosted by my
friend Diane and her sister Sheryl
Whimzy (I went to HS with these
neat ladies "Class of 19nevermind")
anyways, I ran into Aide, another HS friend
who was selling there, her display was so
CLASSY (I'll take pics next time I'm there
so I can show you).

A few booths over I met up with another
three lovely and extremely talented ladies!

Rose from
The Tarnished Crown

Debbie from

and Blanca from Casa Blanca

As we were standing there chatting,
WHO comes and joins us?
None other than Christie Repasy from
Chateau de Fleurs

and her SIL Rita Reade from

I tell ya, it might as well have been
Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston
No, wait a minute, that would have
been a cat fight for sure. lol
Bad example, but you get my point.

THIS was a highlight of my year!!
Lil ole me, at the bottom of this
totem pole of talented women, yet
I felt like royalty amongst them!

I have seen Christie and her beautiful art
featured in many of my magazines, as a
matter of fact she is in the new edition of
Somerset Home

And what can I say about Miss Rita but
MULTI TALENTED...She is so amazing!
I have been following her blog for so long
and have always admired her great talent.

I believe in my heart that
orchestrated all these beautiful

to lift my spirit so I can CARRY ON.
"Thank You Lord"

"Every good and perfect gift is from above"
James 1:17

July 21, 2010

Favorite Finds

I don't know about any of you but in all the
years that I've been "thriftiqueing" I had
never come across a piece of Lladro just
sitting there between all the nik-naks and the
whatchamacallits, with a look of fear on its face
(okay, this is how I envisioned it, just play
along with me, we'll seek therapy later.LOL

thinking that someone would overlook it,
reach behind it, grab some sort of
worthless something-or-other, knocking it
to the ground where it would shatter into
a kazillion little Lladro pieces!

"Don't be afraid my precious, I will save you"

Sorry, please don't leave, I'll stop. lol

seriously is this not a great find for $25?

As soon as I saw these lovebirds I thought WW!

Okay, here comes another "steal of the century"
I found this beautiful casserole dish at my local SA.
It looks brand new! It is marked Pillivuyt made
in France. Since 1818 they have been recognized as
a world-leading maker of superb culinary porcelain.
(did that sound like a commercial, or what?)
This particular dish retails for $135. How much
DID I pay for it you ask...a whopping 5 bucks
don't be sipping on the Haterade)

I love its simplicity...

Its curvy little side handles...

The unique lid handle...

(Big Sigh!)

Now this last item is something I've been wanting
for quite a while now. This is not as vintage as
I would've liked it to be but, it does meet my other two
requirements, it's white and its in excellent condition.

A few years ago I had purchased one in a pretty
cream color with the steps that pull out(which is what I
really wanted) but my sweet little grandmother
asked to have it and how do you say no to your
sweet little grandmother?

So for now, this flip seat will have to do.

I only paid $5 for them anyway.

At least I can reach those high cupboard shelves now.

(I'm only 5'2" ya know) lol

BTW I am linking to White Wednesday @ Faded Charm
and Show and Tell Friday @ My Romantic Home

July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

The stars and stripes spell freedom
She waves upon the breeze
While bursts of colors can be seen
Above the towering trees.

So as you turn to face the flag
For battles that were fought
Be filled with pride for those who died
And freedoms that were bought.

But don't forget to thank the ONE
That gives the bright display
The reason that we paint the sky
On Independence Day.