May 25, 2011

New Booth at Country Roads

I love these paper roses made out of vintage
dictionary pages!  I would make them all
day long if I had the time.
Last week I said I would tell you all what kept me
from blogging for 3 weeks. One is a health issue
that is still to be properly diagnosed, I'll keep you posted. And then there is the following. 
Remember back in January I took on a small space at Country Roads Antiques?
(this was it on day one)
Well this month I moved to a new space that is
over twice the size of the first one.
So as you can imagine I was super busy hunting for goodies to fill my new space.
I accented with my favorite color
Something about aqua makes me happy
I purchased this wooden tool box at the flea.
Two thirds of the lid flips open and makes for
a wonderful display prop.

This past weekend, while shopping at the Jamestown Flea Market in Old Tustin, I 
bought this beautiful birdhouse from my good
friend Blanca of Casa Blanca.
You can't tell from the picture but it has four
large drawers that open where you can store
all kinds of goodies. The possibilities are endless,
it all depends on what room of your home you choose to display it in.
I am soooo loving all the neutral colors,
especially the French grays that are so IN.

I met a man who makes these wonderful wooden
toolboxes out of scrap wood and vintage hardware.
Notice how he re-purposes the handles.

And, of course, I had to bring in some birds
and nests that bring a smile to anyone's face
I'm sure some of you can guess where this little
trio came from.  I didn't like the bright colors they
originally came in, some paint and a touch of 
glitter gave them a fresh, new look!
I had to replace the eggs in this pot, apparently
a customer found them...irresistible.
I put this petite basket together in
hues of browns and blues
And finally I want to introduce the newest addition
to the Cosas Bellas booth...Ken's Korner!
Yes ladies! My wonderful husband who is always
sweet enough to join me in my hunts through flea
markets, garage sales, auctions and even holds me by the ankles as I dive into dumpsters (lol) has decided he needs a place to display his finds too.
He truly shares the love of buying and selling treasures. Look at this great vintage coal bin he found on Sunday.  As you can see, his look is a
tad more...rugged.
I feel so blessed to have a husband who believes
in me more than I believe in myself.
He was the one who pushed encouraged me into
getting the bigger space and setting higher goals.
He truly is the wind in my sails, and I know he will
always be there to help and support me through my endeavors.  He has always said that he wants me to be happy, doing what I love to do. I appreciate him
so, so much.
I also want to thank Kate from Salvage Dior
for being my cheerleader and a wonderful friend.
Your help and words of encouragement mean so much to me and you were so instrumental in me
getting started and moving  forward.
Love you lots Lady Kate!


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May 17, 2011

Elbow grease has been something that has been
progressively more difficult for me to exert.
Sometimes the pain in my body doesn't allow me
to perform tasks as easily as I used to.
But on good days, I find it therapeutic to take
something like this nasty, dirty chandy that was
in a ~lot~ of lights I purchased at the auction.
Pretty filthy huh?
(excuse the blurry pic)
While sitting in front of the TV, watching The Talk,
I cleaned this baby to it's original sparkling self.
 And here she is at her temporary home
Well, here goes another purge!
This time it's from my collection of planters.
These are only half of them, give or take a pot,
cuz I couldn't bare to part with my favorite ones,
but I know I won't be needing my pots until we buy
a house and know.
So I filled them up with moss and shredded paper
and into my booth they went
I went in the next day and seven of them had already found a new home :o)

I wish I had a spot for this cabinet, it is so charming.
Somebody built it and decoupaged the inside of the door (the outside is mirrored) they even added a cute little latch. I would love to have used it as a medicine cabinet in my bathroom but renting is tough. 
Oh well, somebody will really enjoy it!

If any of you have been wondering were I've been.
I will be sharing that with you in my next post, coming soon, so please stop by and visit!
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