June 28, 2010

Sweet Child O' Mine

So my daughter Crystal sent her pictures to
one of those sites where they analyze your photo
and send you a list of the celebrities you most look like ...

and every pic she submitted got matched with ...

Do you think you know?

O.K! ...this next one is a sure giveaway ...

Did you guess right?

Miss. Lara Croft herself ...

Well that was a big dose of Ego Booster...don't you agree?

I don't know if she looks like her or not...
but she's my baby so in my eyes she's prettier
than any actress out there...I'm sure you moms
out there can relate =D

June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

My husband has been a "hands on" daddy
since the moment Jesenia was born, ten years ago.
There's nothing he won't take on ...from changing dirty
diapers when she was little...to going on field trips with
Jesenias class, knowing that he would be the only dad attending...
but his little princess wanted him there and

(Jesenia always seemed to squeeze her way into daddys naps)

As a wife I couldn't ask for a better father, not only for Jesenia
but for my daughter Crystal who he took on as his own when
she was 15 years old. Many men would have run at the thought
of taking on a teenage girl and all the 'estrogen" that came with it,
but not My Man he embraced it and rose to the challenge.

Thank you Ken for being a man after Gods Heart and allowing
Him to mold you into the awesome dad that you are.


And now for the "other" man in my life.

Martin is my husbands step-dad and the only REAL father figure I have
ever know... aside from his occasional episodes of "the GRUMPIES"
he is the kindest most giving man we know. The Lord has blessed him
with a servants heart, and he uses it more than he probably realizes.

I, unfortunately, have had bad role models growing up...
my father was MIA for most of my life and the whole step-father
thing never worked out for me either...so to feel that there is a person
who has filled that void in my heart and to know that he REALLY has
my back is a HUUUUUUUGE blessing.

Not only do my husband and I love him as a dad...but our girls adore him.
Their grandpa ROCKS, and they couldn't be more thankful!

[My little ladybug didn't want to go trick-or-treating
so grandpa offered to read her a book instead]

[Grandpa receives a thank you hug after
playing with Jesenia on the swing set]

So as much as he likes to pass himself off as the

he can't fool us...we know the REAL MAN inside the sweatshirt :D

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to the two men in my life!

June 08, 2010

June Flea Market

What a beautiful weekend we had here in the O.C.
So many people took advantage of the great weather
and came out "treasure hunting" at The Grove
(an Antique Flea Market held at Irvine Valley College)

Here are some of the GOODIES I sell in my booth...

Always have to have some pretty silver pieces...

and some glass treasures...

Everybody loves to take home a piece of
china to add to their collection...

Ironstone? Bavaria? Limoges?...

Which do you prefer?

Maybe a little something for your vanity...

some picture frames...

so many things to choose from...

And what lady walks away from BLING...

Accessories? Hand bags, scarves, and flower clips!!

I'll be at the Rose Bowl Flea Market
on the second Sunday of each month
Hope to see you there!

June 03, 2010

My Favorite Corner of the House

Is anyone else out there a creature of habit?

Does anybody else out there feel like they're on auto
pilot when it comes to their morning routine?

Are you even fully awake as you...
walk to the kitchen...
open up the cupboard door...
reach for your favorite mug...
and make yourself that morning cup of
coffee you so desperately need to go from

Oh, that first sip...do you hear the angels singing?


That smell that seems to wake up
your other four senses!

I thank God, every
morning, for creating these
wonderful little beans.

Oh, and I thank Him for the waffles, and the butter,
and the honey too : )


I'm ready to start my day!