May 21, 2010

When we are down to nothing...God is up to something

Like thousands of families, ours too was affected when the economy crashed.. We lost our business (Gamerooms by Design), our beautiful 5 bedroom home, our SUV, and the Time Share we had just purchased in Maui (weep weep) we paid for it in full and didn't get to use it once.

We were able to enjoy this lifestyle for 4 very comfortable years. We were not wealthy by any means but we lived stress free... I was actually a bit overwhelmed with it all, since I come from a very humble background where my family always just scraped by... I say all this to make this very important point God is good!! When he said "I will never leave you nor forsake you" He meant it.

In Phil 4:19 it says "But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Christ Jesus", I can testify to that. After we lost everything we sold half of our belongings and ventured on a 3 day cross country journey to Indiana were we lived with my SIL, for a year.

I love So Cal... my husband and I were born and raised here, but it is sooooo beautiful and peaceful there... I guess God knew we needed that time away to recover, regroup, and regenerate... But, eventually, we missed our family and friends so much we knew we had to return to CA.

My husband was working for the University of Phoenix there and had an opportunity to transfer back to the OC were he now works as an Enrollment Counselor, they also provide him with free education. He is a couple of classes short from his Bachelors degree and will continue to work towards his Masters ...We were unable to purchase another home so we ended up living at my moms house in the middle of the barrio in a converted one car garage, since her tiny 1940s two BR house was occupied with other family "strays" who were also going through hard times... I guess it's a cultural thing to open your home to anybody in need.

This became our double blessing. Not only were we thankful to have a roof over our heads at a time when many families were loosing their homes and had no place to go (some being forced to live in tents) but best of all, my beautiful 83 yo Grandmother lived there (there's a picture of her in her 20s hanging on the top/middle row) and we were able to spend a year and a half loving on her up until the day she passed away last October.

Since then we have moved to a 700 sqft, 1 BR condo which a close friend of ours bought for his son who is away at college... and we only have to pay the mortgage payment which is about $400 less than what most renters in this complex are paying. Ken and I have agreed to live within our means so I can continue to stay at home and school Jesenia and I have found a way to incorporate my love of "thrifting" into making some extra cash by selling at Antique Flea Markets twice a month..I have done well and couldn't be happier.

We are recovering in TINY steps but we have never been homeless , cold, or hungry. In Philippians 4:12 Paul talks about how he had learned to be content in plenty and in want. I too have learned that lesson and could not be more thankful. It has strengthened my faith and I know that with time this too shall pass.

Soooo, with limited funds and a passion for thrifting and decorating, I invite you to
take a journey with me and see what the Lord has in store!

May 09, 2010

Mothers Day 2010


I hope everyone had a very special Mothers Day. As for me, I spent the majority of the day selling at the Rose Bowl Antique Show. But I can't complain because, the truth is , my husband makes me feel like every day is Mothers Day.

I do have to admit that today was emotionally tough on me. I lost my
Abuelita (Grandma) this past October, and this was the first Mothers Day without her. My grandmother raised me. She was my grandmother, my father, my mother, and my best friend all rolled up into this bundle of love that poured her whole sense of being into nourishing, protecting and loving not only me but my daughters and my husband as well. Her passing has left a huge void in our hearts that only the Lord can heal with time. My joy comes from knowing that she spent this Mothers Day dancing with Jesus in Heaven.

So now, let me tell you about my other Mother.
I know that MILs tend to get a bad rep, but I am very blessed to have one that has been nothing but kind to me. My MIL adopted me as one of her own since the day I married her son 12 yrs ago. She has been a role model to me and I hope that in the future, when my girls are married, I can be the kind of MIL she has been to me all of these years.

I don't tell her enough how the kindness she has shown me, and my family, has left a deep impression in my heart. How there's nothing that she does for me and my girls that ever goes unnoticed or unappreciated. I carry a long list of all her kind gestures, big and small in my heart. I don't say it enough but, THANK YOU!

And most of all thank you for giving life to the man of my dreams, my angel, my everything.

Happy Mothers Day Terry!

Jesenia with Grandma at the Orange County
Performing Arts Center, loving her one-on-one time.

May 07, 2010

Oh, how time flies

I have been following so many beautiful blogs for about a year now,
secretly coveting all you amazing creative souls.
I was filled with desire to join this elite group of ladies
who shared their thoughts, their homes, their decorating ability,
and even their most precious God given talent of sharing
their faith and their hearts to inspire and uplift others
through their words, and His.

I am a bit intimidated since I am not computer savvy
(my only experience is bidding on Ebay) but my desire to start
my own blog is far greater than my fear soooooo.....

Where does one start?
I guess since it just happens that my beautiful daughter turned 27 today,
I will dedicate my first blog to say...

"Happy Birthday Baby Girl!"

Enjoy dinner with your friends and IRONMAN II
(and that super fine Robert Downey Jr.)

This is Crystal at age 7 (wow! 20 yrs. ago,
how did that happen?) I feel like only
yesterday I was 27 myself.