September 28, 2010

Bloggers Fun(k)!?!

Wow, life sure does seem to get in
the way of my Blogging Fun.
With school starting, my Flea Market sales,
and all the personal stuff I've had to deal
with lately, my Bloggers Fun has turned
into Bloggers Funk. I still try to get my daily
fix of Eye Candy and Great Stories from all
the Lovely Blogs I follow.  I even gather up
enough energy to leave a few comments here
and there but those BURSTS of spontaneous
creativity that I so love to share just
 "ain't happenin"
No White Wednesday or Thrifty "anything"
for me lately :(
So I hope I don't bore you with another
personal post but here it goes...
Jesenia started school a couple of weeks
ago and I think she surprised A LOT of
people when she showed up sporting her
"New Look"
You see, she was always known for her
Loooong Hair that, up to now, had only
been Occasionally Trimmed.

But this Summer she asked that her hair
be c-c-cut, there I said it.  This was hard
on Mommy that looooved her long hair,
but I agreed that it was long overdo so...

I called on my beautiful friend Eva to do
the honors and...(I can't believe I took these pics
without passing out) lol 

I took ME a while to adjust but she
was SO happy with her new look! 
She really likes the pig-tails look.
I'll show you what it looks like down
on another occasion.

BTW does anybody else get into a Blog Funk!

September 15, 2010

9/9/99 at almost 9 p.m.

That day will be etched in our memories as 
one of the Happiest Days of our lives!
The day our daughter Jesenia was born.
She has always been the perfect balance
of a Little Princess... 

(always inspiring to look good)

  (and smell yummy)
and being a Big Ham. 

She accessorizes likes there's no tomorrow but has
burping contests with her Daddy.   Eew!

So what happened to the days of 
Bouncers and Face Painting...
and Princess themed parties?

They have been replaced by... SLEEP-OVERS

And the presents that were once dolls and Disney movies...
is now an IPOD TOUCH very generously gifted to her by 
and from everybody else...yup...ITUNE Gift Cards!

(btw Grandpa almost had a HA when he found out how much Grandma
spent on the present, he couldn't figure out why an 11yo would need such an 
expensive electronic device,  I think he would have opted for a nice "RADIO" maybe, 
and to tell you the truth I see his point.  But it's too late now Grandpa all I can do is hand you a hankie to dry your tears.)

The days of feeding
the ducks...

and the squirrels
at the park...


of swinging on 
the swings in the  backyard...


 of ducky

 and Easter
egg hunts,
are all but 
a memory.


 Our little
that once
in a pink

No longer
wants to

No more
Tap either,
she's now
asking for

(ah, a girl after
her mama's heart)


 Who hid in
pantry to
eat chocolate

and thought
it cute to
turn Daddy

 is also the 
one who's
melted our

as we found
her giving
thanks for
her half
eaten ice
cream Sunday

and can 
pull off 

 as though she 
can do 
no wrong.

(But we know
better, don't 
we Jesenia?)

Picture of Drake and Jesenia taken at his mom's birthday party.

Drake Bell was replaced by Justin Bieber
 (sorry Drake).
And last I heard, Justin
  was history too.  I wonder
who's next!?!
(so fickle) lol

She no longer cares about Balloon  Animals but takes notice 
of the "really cute guy" at Ruby's that makes them.
(I hope Daddy doesn't read this)

An Ice Cream Cone?  NOPE!  Her little pallet now 
desires a Cappuccino Blast or an Iced Blended 
Hazelnut Latte (I guess that was my fault).

 So where is our Little Princess?  She's still in there.
Wanting mommy to scratch her back before she
asks to be tucked into bed.  Playing for hours with
her American Girl dolls, or her vast collection of
Littlest Pet Shop and Webkinz animals.
But best of all...being Daddy's Little Girl,
which is something I think she'll NEVER outgrow!

I hope that, no matter what age, you will always take the time to take in God's beauty.

Age 2
age 8

P.S. To all my blogger Sisters-in-Christ, I humbly ask that you would take a second to hold Jesenia up in prayer.
My desire is that she continues to learn and embrace God's Word wholeheartedly and mature into the Godly woman He wants her to be to accomplish His purpose in her life.
Which goes for my 27yo daughter Crystal as well.   I appreciate your prayers!

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord
plans to give you a future and a hope.  Jeremiah 29:11

 "We are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, 
which God prepared in advance for us to do."              Ephesians 2:10

September 12, 2010

Square is Rare

I don't know about anyone else but I can often
find ROUND trays, OBLONG trays, and the
ever-so-popular RECTANGULAR trays. 
But a SQUARE tray?  Square is Rare!

So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this 
little beauty! I usually like to keep my trays just the
 way I find them good and Tarnished.  But this baby
was Special, it deserved to be Nice and Shiny!
This one won't be seeing the flea market. Nuh-uh!

I also found these beautiful rose napkin rings!
I collected my own set of 12 by finding them 4 at a time.
It took me a while, but some lucky person is going
home with 8 all at once.

Don't they look gorgeous when paired with
these lovely monogrammed linens?

And how about a rose napkin holder to go with
those napkin rings,  wouldn't it look lovely
sitting on your table for a Sunday Brunch?

Have you noticed that Wine Decanters are all the rage?
Here are the latest ones I've purchased, I'm constantly restocking these.

But I thought I'd do a little something different
this time.  So I made these stamped linen and 
burlap ties and added them to their little necks
like a Scarf Accessory of sorts.  I think these Ladies
are ready for the Runway, don't you?

And here they are ready to catch the eye of their
Lucky New Owner, and that they did!
So I'm off to hunt for some more =o) 

I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend!
I'll be linking up to all the Parties on my sidebar
throughout the week, starting with Silver Sunday.
I hope you'll join me "Party Hopping" cuz I'm
anxious to see what my fellow bloggers are creating!