August 30, 2010

Estate Sale Finds

"Never stray from your intended destination"

Big Daddy and I have an "agreement", he gets to play poker a few nights a week IF he "shares" half of his winnings with me (wink).
Somehow I OFTEN end up with MORE than my half which is PERFECTLY FINE BY ME! =o)
So Saturday morning we were off to spend "his" winnings. 
I had mapped out our garage sale route and the first stop was an Estate Sale that started at 7a.m., but I was LURED by some big fluorescent GS signs and we deviated from our path. We did find a GREAT DEAL but by the time we arrived at the ES there was a LONG line of customers waiting to pay for THEIR INCREDIBLE FINDS. 
This place was LOADED, inside and out, with the coolest of treasures!.. and the prices?...well let's just say we spent our whole wad there and never made it to the OTHER GS on my list...I just wish we would have arrived early so we could have grabbed some of the great deals I was eyeing in peoples hands as they were checking out. Oh well,LESSON LEARNED.

So here is the first GREAT FIND  of the day.
 This is the one that made me late
but it was totally worth it!
(sorry for the bad pic it was an awkward piece to photograph)

the basket and the butterflies

 such great detail!

Do I keep it ? =o)     Do I sell it? :o(
Does anyone know how much it's worth ?

Either way, if I disclosed how much I 
 paid for it you'd all hate me (smile)

Okay, now for the $3 china

and my 1 dollar 10" plates
and here is the brass

these birdies are MINNNNE!!!
and speaking of "mine"

I practically fell over a box trying 
to get to these. 
 they sit on the ledge with their
little legs hanging over,
notice how their little 
rhinestone stars sparkle?
I can't believe they were just 
THROWN in a box where they 
could have been damaged ;o/

So there you go my lovelies!
I bought more stuff, but I'm
leaving that for the White Wednesday
and Silver Sunday Parties!

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I'll be at the Irvine Valley Flea Market
this Sunday selling all my goodies
 Hope to see you there!

August 18, 2010

Kitchen Whites

So here's a little WHITE vintage scale I
picked up at the FM for $5, she has just the
right amount of shabby to make me happy!!!

What do you think of this little beauty?
A $2 thrift store find!

I have a couple of vintage sugar scuttles
that are silver plated and come with
a matching scoop, but I had never
seen one made of porcelain.
I keep it by my coffee maker filled with
sugar packets!

This jar is also a thrift store find, I removed
the lid (which is beautiful and I should have
pictured, sorry!) and I filled it with WHITE
candles. I found a box with a couple of dozen
of these candles at a garage sale.

I like to use them with silver or crystal
candlesticks and love the way they look
after they've been burning and the wax
has dripped down the sides.

I hope you've enjoyed my thrifty WHITE finds!
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August 11, 2010

Thrifty Whites

I've read other bloggers posts about their
cheap thrift store finds, and I have
noticed that EVEN thrift store prices are
higher here in "The OC"!

I never find anything for under a buck at
GW or SA stores, and even dollar items are
a rare find.

Thank goodness for my
not so pretty,
yucky hot (cuz there's no AC), secret little
hole in the wall thrift store where I always
seem to find REASONABLY priced items.

These guys were only a few bucks each
and they are such a pretty creamy white!
(I kept the tall one for myself) :)

I paid just a few dollars for these too!

I knooow, they're not white... YET!

I paid the same for these lovelies.

And, yes, they're gold but.....

I'm keeping the candlesticks
and they're going on
my WHITE table!

The finials grew on me too.
So I paired them with some I already had.
Do you think they make a nice collection?
I guess they're not meeting Mr. Spray Can
after all.

And how about my $4 thrift store basket?
It came with the liner in this great print.
I can't believe how perfectly it fits under
the table to hold all my favorite magazines!

Thanks for visiting!

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August 03, 2010

Global Warming?

Sunday was a BLISTERING 77 degrees!

It's probably the global warming
Gore has been ranting about.

In reality, it was an incredibly beautiful
and unusually mild August day...

with a pleasant breeze that kept people
in a happy shopping mood! :D

I love to see my space filled with customers!
(Who left their coffee on my shelf?)

This next space belongs to my HS buddy Aide.
She had some great treasures.
I had to keep reminding myself I was
there to sell :(

And this is the very talented Blanca from
Casa Blanca

You should see her booth when she brings
the fresh flower arrangements she puts together.

And what day at the Flea would be complete
without having this gorgeous couple stop by.
(Kate from Salvage Dior and her hubby Robert)

Notice who's face sports the "shoppers high"
and who gets to push the cart around.
(you're a good guy Mr. Robert)

But who can deny this beautiful lady
anything she wants?