February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Just wanted to wish every one an AWESOME
Valentines Day!

I designed these cute frames for my booth
with Valentines Day in mind.
Love you all,

February 11, 2011

Weekend Finds

I've had such a blast during the past few weekends!
On the fourth Sunday of the month, Old Town Tustin holds the Jamestowne Flea Market hosted by the two incredibly talented sisters from WHIMZY ~Diane and Sheryl~ who are also the creative force behind the semi-annual event known as GLITTERFEST.
This was the first time I went shopping for goodies to fill my space at Country Roads.  Not only was it a beautiful, sunny, California day but I was blessed with great finds and got to visit with my two favorite sisters Jeanette and Jackie of Annie Louise  from whom I purchased an incredible vintage table (that immediately sold at CR). They are such talented ladies with a great eye for finding and re-purposing vintage pretties~and~are two of the nicest women you will ever meet.  Ken and I just LOVE chatting with them!
These are just some of the items I picked up at Jamestown.
Those of you who know me, know that the blue vanity set falls under the "and onnne for meee" category.  It came in it's original box and had never been used.  Jesenia now uses this brush because she says it "feels good" and makes her hair soft. Hey, anything to get her to brush her hair more often ;o) 
OOOOOOOOOO, my favorite blue!!!
BTW, the little dog...vintage Avon soap...cute huh?
I really wanted one of these vintage clutches, but I can't... 
I mean... I shouldn't keep everything, right?
There's monogrammed silverware and napkin rings in here!
These finds come from the Irvine Valley College Flea which is held on the first Sunday of the month.  I've been a seller there for the last couple of years and it was reeeeally nice to walk around and shop  for a change.   
(Q: I've never seen a galvanized dish rack  like the one on the top left, any clues?)
So, I won't mention any names (Mike!) but I'm being pressed into selling this, "new to me" beauty. 
I'm holding on to it like Gollum (from Lord of the Rings) held on to the ring...."my prrreeecious".
I don't know it's origin, but it looks old.  The glass is thick and heavy.  
I paid a seller/friend of mine $20 for it, and it's NOT leaving my home!  (again, any clues?)
I also bought this "thing-a-ma-jar" just because it looked so unique and I thought I could make something cool out of it.
It looks like it originally held some sort of dried rose arrangement.  Hmmm.....my wheels are turning....just waiting for the light bulb to appear.  Oh, and btw, I'd invite you over for some of those cookies showing up in the background but I'm quite positive they'll be gone by the time this posts. Don't mean to be rude, just keepin it real. lol

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

February 02, 2011

As promised

So, as I promised, here are the pics of the booth with just a bit more goodies in it, and since I noticed there was so much white, I am joining Kathleen from Faded Charm for her White Wednesday Party!

Looking at some of the bloggers who participated, those who wake up to a blanket of snow all around them and have stunning White pics to share~ it makes me feel a little jealous, even while enjoying my 7o to 80 something degrees "Winter" here in The OC.
 Love the combination of WHITE, SILVER and RUST
I found this vintage pulley at the swap meet this weekend, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't convince hubby to let me keep it :o(
BTW, isn't that heart basket TDF?

The hutch looks "happier" now that it's filled with lots of eye-candy.
 For now I am focusing on filling the space as quickly as possible, then I can play around more with arrangement and personality.

Thanks for visiting, everyone, and have a Happy White Wednesday!

February 01, 2011


Well ladies, after a couple of months of great trials and even greater blessings, I'm FINALLY back!

I'd like to tell you about the psycho neighbor from you know where who bought the condo upstairs from us in September~  forcing us to move out~ but feelings are still a little raw ~ so I'll leave that story for a future post... maybe.

But just so you get the severity of it all let me just tell you that after several police reports, an arrest, and tons and tons of drama~ the last picture that I have in my head of this 23yo punk is of him coming out to his balcony wearing what looked like night vision gear(in the middle of the day) to confront 5 police officers (guns drawn) and calling them every name in the book while threatening to shoot them.
You must be asking yourself "where on earth did you live?"
well, it was a beautiful, peaceful, decent and safe community until "Edgar" showed up.

Relaxing Holiday Season? NOT!

We spent Christmas, New Years AND our Anniversary packing and moving into our new place which by the way was a total blessing in disguise, one of the many blessings we have received in the past few months.

I know I've past the point of saying "I don't want to make this post too wordy", but please gift me with just a few more minutes of your time to show you some pics that tell of just 3 of the wonderful blessings I'm referring to.

In November Ken received his BSB/M, all courtesy of the University of Phoenix since he works there as a Senior  Alumni Advisor).
  He's such a ham, he chose to wear his trademark Fedora in place of a traditional cap. He promised me he would be wearing the cap when he gets his Masters.  He was also chosen to entertain the groups of  about 900 students who graduate twice a year, gee, I wonder why?

On January 2nd we celebrated our 13th Anniversary.
Feels like only yesterday.

And last, but not least, last month I was invited to join a very special family!  Sue Jackson's family of vendors at Country Roads Antiques in Old Towne Orange!
What an incredible way to start off the new year!
I began moving in mid January.
Here's a little peek of my space on the first day.
 I only got a chance to bring in these four items, everything else still had to be tagged and priced, it's a bit of a transition going from flea market to store. I'll be taking in new items on a regular basis, gotta get this place filled with goodies!
I RIPPED this piece right out of my dining room.  
Hubby had to call the WAAAAmbulance!
Didn't really want to give it up but I needed a display piece for all the pretties.  It was already this blue-green color when I found it and it was love at first sight. I looooove anything in this color.
I hope somebody LOVES it as much as I do :o)
The following day I brought this shelving unit in, can you see the chicken wire in the back? Love it!
I couldn't believe the rocker had already sold and while I was putting up these birdcages somebody came in and took one. Thank you Jesus, this was a good sign for me and since it's Your booth then You're in charge of sales ;o)

I was also able to bring some things to display in the hutch, which is lighted and makes things sparkle.
 a few other oldies went in this corner 
Well ladies, this was my update. I hope you'll join me on my new venture.
I've got a few great finds that I picked up at the flea last week and some recent pics of my space that I'd like to share with you tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting,